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Success Story - Beekeeping as a protector towards destruction of Wild animals habitat

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In year 2015, Conservation of Nature for Survival under funding support from Rufford Small Grant (RSG) - Uk based Charity implemented the project on participatory african elephants' habitat protection and management. The implementation intended to insure the adjacent communities practical learn and involve in integrated conservation livelihoods. The expectation was to see communities adapt livelihoods which are friendly to conservation. The monitoring exercise revealed that beekeeping along the border area between the park and villagers has created strong commitment on protection of elephants habitat as noted when the Mkata village leader said “At moment we take regular visit to our beehives as we were advised so as to insure that they are at safe side out from fire break, clearance of area and even to be stolen” the villagers shows how serious they consider the issue of protecting elephants' habitat in Mikumi national park. 


Success Story - Villagers are Elephants' Watchdogs

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In year 2015, CONASU implemented project on Participatory Elephants' habitat management and protection in Mikumi National Park. The project was supported by Rufford Small Grants Foundation (RSG) - UK. As one of the implementation result, CONASU organisation has been remarked as one of the stakeholders which contributed a lot on creating good relationship between the Park Authority and Villages living adjacent to Mikumi National Park. The noted achievement is decrease of human – elephants conflicts and increase of commitment of villagers to protect the elephants particularly against destruction of habitats. “… We currently live peaceful with elephants, we are proud to have them because we know how potential they are for our nation, everyone in our village is a guard against any culprit to habitat and even the animals themselves…” one trained villager from Maharaka village said. The villagers were initially confronted with animal believing that the elephants invaded their land while their main reason which led into encroachment of the park area/corridor. They now know the truth and their role required for protection and management elephants against any destructive practice.


Success Story - Mambani village has abolished Deforestation practices

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Mambani village has abolished Deforestation practices

CONASU implemented the project on Participatory Forest Management to Adjacent community in Kibogwa ward found adjacent to Uluguru Nature Reserve under funding support of The Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund in year 2015. After establishment of Village Volunteers by CONASU to take patrol in Uluguru Nature Reserve Mambani as one among the villages involved in the project implementation has realised that since the patrol started on April 2015, no case has reported which is quit different from previous years where there were regular cases relating to deforestation where villagers themselves were among “…. I real thanks for CONASU’s support, each villager look after another and the patrol is done by our team …. We have not yet caught any culprit since April until moment and if will happen will be very fewer. I remember last year almost every month I used to get one or more cases on invading Ulurugu mountains near to our village, but now I can say we have abolished” Said Mambani Village Chairperson


Success Story - Women in Kibogwa ward admit the significance of Energy Saving Stoves

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Women in Kibogwa ward admit the significance of Energy Saving Stoves

As CONASU empowered women on making local energy saving stoves in order to reduce consumption of firewood which in turn would result into decrease of deforestation, the trained women giving thanks for the initiatives as it has reduce the workload of firewood collection. “I don’t believe if two to three small pieces of firewood suffice us to prepare our meals. Formerly I used more that eight pieces of firewood to insure that our meal is ready…… I used to spend enough time to search for firewood and sometime we used even the whole day just for searching firewood, life is simple for me now days. I don’t need to go further to find a little firewood, just from my surrounding bushes I get pieces and prepare our meals……I found myself to have enough time to do other activities instead of collecting firewood throughout a day” said Mwajabu Said Zatuni Shabani – a villager from Kifuru in Kibogwa ward.


Success Story - The village Authority admits the role plays by villagers to conserve Mkingu Nature Reserve Mvomero district in Morogoro, Tanzania

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The implementation of the project on participatory forest management for Mkingu Nature Reserve in year 2014 by CONASU under support of WWF Tanzania through Mazingira Network Tanzania culminate to have tremendous significant changes to the target forest reserve. The physical visit done by CONASU staff embark to realise community efforts which are in place towards conservation. The interview with Village Executive Officer of Mndela Village remarked that villagers are currently take required measure against any person found to destruct forest in the reserve area adjacent to their village. “I am very happy the way villagers in my village collaborate with the village authority to protect Mkingu Reserve……. There is very decrease of deforestation practices since 2014 and if any destructive happen, we are able to take immediate action……. This time I notes that there are very few village who engage in deforestation, the mostly destructors are outsiders whom we are controlling them” said Mr. Karius John, Mndela Village Executive Officer.


Success Story - Poultry husbandry projects boost women economy in Bagamoyo

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Poultry husbandry projects boost women economy in Bagamoyo


In 2014, CONASU implemented the project on empowering fishing community on sustainable fishing along the Indian ocean under support of WWF US – Russell Nature Education. The project covered four villages of Mlingotini, Pande, Kaole and Kondo. It ended on October 2014 with numerous significant results. This year CONASU continued to make follow up on the same for realizing significant changes. It has been revealed that apart from fishing activity, women are currently keeping chicken to succeed their income. “I do not depend much more on buying and selling fish to cover my family needs. I have established poultry project from a little capital I had…… now I sell eggs and chicken themselves…… the earning I get from chicken and eggs covers my family needs, also is a good food for my family” Said Mwanaidi Abas, a resident of Kondo Village. Hence, CONASU has revealed that the establishment of alternative Income activities plays a very paramount role towards abstaining from destructive practice or high pressure from a single source of income.


Support from Idea Wild - US has increased capacity of CONASU

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CONASU is among of the Conservation NGOs in Tanzania which most of its activities are to work local people at grassroots level. Most of its project fund is obtained from donating organisations. From year 2011, it depended its projects’ fund from internal supporting agencies (in-country agencies/organisations) but in year 2012 and 2013, CONASU has managed small resources from IDEA WILD to implement projects under project leader, Angelus Runji. CONASU acknowledged support of IDEA WILD in its profile through its implementing leader on how the support has benefited the project leaders and other staff accompanied him. “Idea Wild has supported our staff to increase their experience in conservation field activities but also the equipment is still in use by the organisation” said Prisca Raymond (CONASU Chairperson). Also the Angelus Runji said that Idea Wild not only increase capacity of CONASU staff but also increase trustworthy to other donors. Currently CONASU has been supported by World Wildlife Fund (WWF – US) – United State under Conservation Education Grant to empower the fisheries communities along the Indian Ocean – Bagamoyo District, Tanzania. Hence, WWF – US is a second donating organisation from abroad after Idea Wild apart from donating agency within the country. As CONASU believe on big results from small resources invested, it promises to increase trustworthy to its stakeholders by providing big tangible results in conservation.

Villagers discuss Conservation Challenges in their Quarterly Meetings

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The villagers in Mambani village discuss challenges facing Uluguru Nature Reserve in their regular quarterly meeting after being empowered by conservation project supported by Idea Wild – US. The project was supervised by Conservation of Nature for Survival in year 2013 under the Project Leader Mr. Angelus Runji. Currently villagers discuss various challenges existing in Uluguru Nature Reserve and they find out how to get solution. “After we were sensitized by CONASU organisation, we found ourselves being part of the Uluguru Reserve and real we have roles to play so to conserve it. Before we didn’t see need to conserve Uluguru because we didn’t know how we can benefit from it” said Salum Swafi who is the member of village council. The villagers realize the important of using public venues like village meetings to discuss the issue on Uluguru Nature Reserve. Also Mr. Higilo, the chairperson of Environmental Committee in Mambani Village said that at moment they use to identify issues and include in meeting agendas for discussion by all villagers. He said that this approach made them to know their position and rights they have in sharing benefits which are gained from the reserve and know they are planning to meet with Reserve Authority for further discussion on how to improve more Participatory Forest Management (PFM) in Uluguru Nature Reserve. Furthermore CONASU director, Angelus Runji said that the organisation planning to undertake another project which will include Income generating Activities like Beekeeping so as to increase community involvement in Uluguru.

Mazingira Network Tanzania initiatives to Conservation

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Mazingira Network Tanzania (MANET) planing to apply unique approach on conservation. The initiatives were shared by MANET members in the Annual General Meeting held in Arusha on 13 - 14, January 2014. During the meeting, MANET members agree to be proactive against conservation challenges existing in Tanzania. The hot discussion was on extractive industries as a alarming agenda in Tanzania. Particularly to oil and gas exploration. As environmental activists, such initiative (extraction of oil and gas) require effective observation on environmental outcomes.

Uluguru Nature Reserve is still deteriorating

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 Based on the sensitization meetings conducted by CONASU team under support from IDEA Wild – US, it has revealed that the ongoing deforestation in Uluguru Nature Reserves keeps its ecosystem into danger. During the project implementation in Mambani, Kibogwa, Lubwe and Kifuru villages, the villagers admitted that there is extremely deterioration in the reserve due to poor uptake of Joint Forest Management as per Forest Act, 2002. The villagers clammed that there is no openness from reserve authorities regarding the benefit obtaining from the reserve. Due to such situation villagers don’t see any profit to take any action against the Uluguru Nature Reserve. 

Date: 21/11/2013

By CONASU Administrator