Conservation of Nature for Survival


a) To be a strong, active and vibrant organisation acting in Natural resources management in Morogoro region and countrywide.
b) To provide effective follow up to natural resources actors and influence for positive change.
c) To undertake governance issues to influence sustainable conservation and utilization of natural  resources in Tanzania.
d) To provide a tailor-made assistance in Agriculture and other related fields, emphasis on implementing practical skills and entrepreneurship to for mainstreaming income generating activities.
e) To undertake training to rural and urban community in order to improve various skills that will helps the progress of their development in specified areas and their involvement in policy dialogues and related issues that will affect positively on natural resources management.

f) To undertake and promote empirical development researches, studies appraisal that relate to the problems of the socio-economical and environment to Marginalized communities.
g) To provide practical skills on organisation activities monitoring and evaluation
h) To build capacity of the locally based organization, groups and Organization Development (OD) which are the drivers of Natural resources management and protection for easily replication of positive altitude in natural resources.
i) To carter on relevant crosscutting issues that gear(s) positive outcome on natural resources
and improved livelihoods.

Major activities
1. To conduct advocacy and lobbying to communities and government actors respectively on
natural resources management and conservation through FORUMS, DIALOGUES and
2. To conduct extensive research on environment majoring to natural resources management
and conservation
3. To conduct empowerment programmes to communities through EXTENSIVE
TRAININGS for mainstreaming Participatory Conservation of natural resources.
4. To conduct networking, collaboration and coordination programmes with stakeholders so
as to influence information sharing for a single and vibrant voice on addressing natural
resources challenges.
5. To deliver services to community to affect positive outcomes on conservation.

Conservation effort through geminating and planting Fruit and Timber Seedlings adjacent to forest reserves for afforestation. (Photo by A. Runji: 2011)
Sensitization to Land Use Groups on Sustainable Land Use and Natural Resources Management in Iyogwe Ward (Picture Source: CONASU Library yaer 2012)